Responsibility Matters

puppy-love-budweiser.pngOne of the most interesting aspects of the brewing industry is the commitment to consumer safety. While this includes making beer that is safe to drink, I’m mainly focusing on the messages being sent in advertisements.

I know many will say something along the lines of, “well you just wrote an article complaining about the rules and regulations on what you can and cannot show in your commercials.” While this is true, it only explored one side of the issue.

If there weren’t any rules or regulations regarding content, you better believe the industry wouldn’t suddenly start airing commercials of people binge drinking and doing crazy stuff. Why? Because brewers love their customers, as cheesy as it may sound.

Take Budweiser for instance, their commercial featuring a dog waiting for his human companion went viral, and for good reason. It sent a fantastic message that everyone could get behind.

Even if you don’t buy that argument, look at it from a purely economic perspective. A dead consumer is not going to buy your product anymore. While this may sound harsh, it is in the beer companies best interest to keep them alive.

Their is truth to the effectiveness of ads telling consumers to drink responsibly as well. New evidence shows that fatal accidents are caused by other drugs instead of alcohol. How correlated this evidence is to the reduction in drunk driving deaths is fair game for debate, but the beer industry has been leading from the front on the issue for years.

Lastly, how many people sit in their offices at the breweries and think of ways to get people to binge drink and then do something that will end their life or others lives? Its simple questions and observations you have to ask yourself.

Now, would there be some beer commercials that would send wrong messages? Probably. However, it would bring truth to advertising. One of the great things about brewing is that it has been around centuries and is professionally mature. Bad actors would be called out by the collective voice of the good actors in the industry.

It would be an interesting spectacle to see if the rules and regulations were cut back. I believe the public would be shocked by how much the beer industry has grown in professionalism and maturity over the years.


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